CEVA Logistics signs a MOU with the Hope Consortium to provide logistics support for COVID-19 vaccine distribution worldwide

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CEVA Logistics has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Abu Dhabi Ports to work with the Hope Consortium. The Consortium is the umbrella organization of a UAE-based public-private partnership set up to address the logistical challenge of the worldwide distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

Hope Consortium operates from the UAE

Spearheaded by the Abu Dhabi Department of Health, the Hope Consortium comprises some of the Emirate’s leading supply chain solution players and consists of Etihad Cargo, Abu Dhabi Ports, Rafed (the healthcare purchasing arm of ADQ – the Abu Dhabi Developmental holding company) and temperature-controlled ULD firm, Skycell alongside a group of specially selected international freight forwarders including CEVA Logistics.

The consortium has been put in place to handle the expected surge in vaccine volumes as production quantities grow. Its aim is to provide a complete supply chain solution anywhere in the world which includes transportation, demand planning, sourcing and digital technology infrastructure. It believes it will be able to distribute billions of doses by the end of the year and will focus on vaccines from all types of manufacturers.

World leader CEVA Logistics offers local and global services

As a world leader in third-party logistics and with the ability to work with small, medium and large sized multinational companies, CEVA Logistics offers a broad range of Contract Logistics and Freight Management services to support both the shipment and distribution of vaccines.

Says Guillaume Col, Chief Operating Officer CEVA Logistics: “The ongoing nature of the global pandemic means the delivery of vaccines around the world is the number one priority for the logistics industry. Our healthcare and pharma specialized teams have extensive experience in delivering vaccines and pharmaceutical products. Backed by a network of temperature-controlled warehouses and vehicles we are proud to support the Hope Consortium in achieving its goal”.

About CEVA Logistics

CEVA Logistics, a world reference in third-party logistics, provides and operates transportation and supply-chain solutions for large or medium size national and multinational companies. CEVA Logistics offers a broad range of services in both Contract Logistics and Freight Management thanks to 78,000 employees, operating over 1,000 facilities in more than 160 countries. CEVA Logistics’ experienced specialists focus on seamlessly designing end-to-end customized solutions to meet the complex and rapidly evolving supply chain needs whatever the business sector. CEVA Logistics is part of the CMA CGM Group, a world leader in shipping and logistics.