AstraZeneca Sells Half-Million COVID-19 Antibody Doses To US

After topping off supplies to Pfizer and GlaxoSmithkline, of the COVID-19 vaccine, US has sought AstraZeneca’s help of its antibody combo. Notably, the government has already bought another 500,000 doses of antibody cocktail Evusheld plus cilgavimab. This is in addition to the 700,000 doses which US has already placed an order for. The drug maker is estimating to complete the delivery in the first quarter of this year itself.

Unlike the antibody drug which is manufactured by Eli Lilly and GalxoSmithKline this therapeutic from AstraZeneca has been authorised for prevention when it comes to the virus. The FDA in December 2021 has authorised Evusheld to be used in patients suffering from moderate to severely compromised immunity either through some medical condition or through suppressive medications.

According to statement released by one of the top management executives of AstraZeneca, the agreement which has taken place on 12th January 2021 will provide protection to the most vulnerable sections of the society especially to the ones who are immunocompromised and as of now do not have many options in a scenario where the numbers are rapidly rising.

When it comes to the commercials, AstraZeneca hasn’t confirmed any number which the Government will be paying for the recently ordered doses. However, the additional details as per the company will emerge in a few weeks.

Evusheld is one of the two antibody therapies which has been authorized for the fight against Omicron and other variants and has shown neutralizing effects. The company has attributed the efficacy of Evusheld to the two potent antibodies that have varied and alike activities against the virus. The antibody cocktail because of this evades the potential resistance as and when the variants crop up.

America has made it a conditioned approach of upping the storage of COVID-19 therapeutics. It has already ordered Paxlovid which is Pfizer’s antiviral pill for 30 million courses. And just a day before the AstraZeneca deal, the government has locked 600,000 doses of GlaxoSmithKline of their antibody sotrovimab which they plan to deliver in the first quarter.