Astellas, 3 Other Companies Collaborate To Reduce Environmental Burden In Field Of Pharma Packaging

Astellas Pharma Inc., Eisai Co., Daiichi Sankyo Company and Takeda Pharmaceutical have agreed on collaboration to reduce environmental burden in the field of pharmaceutical packaging.

Based on the agreement, the four companies will aim to promote the use of more environmentally friendly packaging for pharmaceutical products by sharing knowledge on packaging technologies to reduce environmental burden, such as blister packs made of biomass-based plastic instead of petroleum-derived plastic, compact packaging, recycled packaging materials, and recyclable packaging materials.

Astellas, Eisai, Daiichi Sankyo, and Takeda aim to ensure that society benefits from this collaboration to harmonise corporate activities with the global environment. In the future, the four companies expect to expand this collaboration beyond the four companies by calling on other companies in order to reduce further environmental burden.

Astellas has set “Deepen our engagement in sustainability” as one of the strategic goals in its Corporate Strategic Plan 2021, while Eisai has established the “Eisai Environmental Management Vision” this fiscal year, and in addition to climate change countermeasures aimed at achieving carbon neutrality by fiscal 2040, Eisai has formed a medium- to long-term plan for environmental issues including efficient use of water and recycling of resources, and will work to further advance these efforts.

Daiichi Sankyo considers global environmental conservation, which is the basis of life and livelihood, as a key management issue (Materiality) and promotes environmental management. At Takeda, “Purpose-led Sustainability” is about creating both business and societal value through its core business.