Onco Cell Therapy Summit Europe 2022, on 2-3 November in Amsterdam will gain multiple perspectives on how to attract investment from C-suite executives and investors whilst exploring European regulatory and reimbursement challenges for the cell therapy field.

    • Meet with 200+ of Europe’s leading innovators and investors, to drive partnership and collaboration and drive adoptive cell therapies to the market
    • Address durability, reduce exhaustion, and build in optimal approaches for targeting antigen heterogeneity to hit the tumour microenvironment
    • Explore genome-editing, iPSC-derived approaches and management strategies for chromosomal abnormalities and translocations for allogeneic cell therapy development
    • Establish robust, scalable and flexible vein-to-vein processes to enhance just in time delivery of cell therapies

    Event Venue: Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Event Date: 02-03 November, 2022
    Event website: https://hubs.ly/Q01j32JV0
    Event Organizer: Kisaco Research
    Contact number: +44 (0)20 3696 2920
    Email ID: marketing@kisacoresearch.com

    Organiser: Kisaco Research

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