European Multispecific Antibody Congress 2023

    The field of multi-specifics has accelerated, and substantial interest is owed to its flexibility, modularity, specificity, and the promise to be the ultimate set of modalities for precision oncology and beyond. As the field patiently waits for clinical trial readouts to feed into and optimise the overwhelming number of preclinical candidates in the space, some say we are entering the next era and well into the 4th wave of drug discovery, beyond current targets and disease indications. Ongoing research efforts in academia and industry prepare us for the next wave of challenges that need to be overcome:

    • Exploring novel biology, target and pathway selection for current and novel formats geared towards optimizing cancer targets and novel indications
    • Innovative design and engineering challenges, developing assays that explore innovative format architecture in a rational way, away from long bouts of archaic trial and error and well into modelling and prediction
    • Improving safety and efficacy profiles of current and emerging candidates
    • Improving immune response modulation: to support the performance of multispecific drugs, exploring ways to tune/steer the immune response or induce synthetic immunity to mimic endogenous immune response, and study and prevent resistance mechanisms.


    Event Name: European Multispecific Antibody Congress
    Event Venue: TBC
    Event Date: 22-23 February 2023
    Event website:
    Event Organizer: Kisaco Research
    Contact number: 020 3696 2920
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    Organiser: Kisaco Research

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