9th annual World Cancer Series Europe

    The Economist’s 9th Annual World Cancer Series: Europe is taking place in Brussels this September. The two-day summit will feature over 90 speakers, and will welcome an audience representing policymakers, healthcare providers, industry leaders, academics, patient groups and investors.

    The 2023 agenda will build on last year’s themes of innovation, equity and excellence, which lie at the heart of the European Beating Cancer Plan. Now that we are more than two years into the implementation roadmap for the plan, we will ask what is working and what isn’t, and focus on what is needed to maintain and accelerate momentum against the plan’s objectives.

    Within this context, we will consider the funding and investment landscape for cancer care and innovation in cancer care. We will also  look at the changes in health technology assessment across Europe. There will be a specific focus on  lung cancer and women’s cancers.


    Event Name: 9th annual World Cancer Series Europe
    Event Venue: Marriott Hotel Grand Place, Brussels
    Event Date: September 20th-21st
    Event website link: https://events.economist.com/world-cancer-series/?RefID=worldpharma&utm_source=mark-partner&utm_medium=banners&utm_campaign=world-cancer-series-2023&utm_content=worldpharma
    Event Organizer Name: Economist Impact
    Email ID: events@economist.com
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