3rd Annual IPF Summit

    The IPF Summit focuses exclusively on closing the translational gap between preclinical predictability and clinical attrition to accelerate the development of truly curative idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) therapeutics.

    With the 2019 conference expanding upon an even greater breadth and depth of content, you’ll hear three days of unrivalled scientifically driven and case-study based analysis and discussion, as together leading academia and biopharma advance the IPF drug development frontier.

    Last year, over 90 of IPF’s expert drug developers came together to advance the standardization of imaging, share clinical insights, and evaluate better recapitulating disease physiology in vitro exclusively for IPF:

    “This was a superb meeting combining several emerging themes in IPF therapies and a dynamic mix of formal presentations with impromptu networking. All the speakers were excellent, and every session provided novel and important insight regarding IPF. The effort the speakers put into their presentations was evident. Great job!”

    Ceders-Sinai Medical Center
    With the incredible breakthrough success of drugs now in our arsenal for slowing IPF disease progression, the increasing importance of identifying genetic mechanisms, closing the translational gap between preclinical and clinical results, and developing candidates to reverse fibrosis have opened up further challenges within IPF drug development.

    Join “part 3” as the IPF community converges again to:

    • Analyze the latest understanding of IPF pathology for improved target validation of next generation therapeutics and the potential to promote tissue regeneration to achieve reversal of fibrosis
    • Critically discuss how to design the next generation of phase III clinical trials for candidate success in light of a current standard of care
    • Outline progressions in the standardization of imaging and advancements of biomarkers to improve translational success and more confident diagnosis of patients

    Event Name: 3rd Annual IPF Summit
    Event Venue & Address : Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina,1380 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego, California 92101 USA
    Event Date : August 27-29, 2019
    URL: https://ter.li/np7wq5
    Event Organizer Name: Hanson Wade
    Phone: +1 415 735 3289
    Email : info@hansonwade.com
    Social Media Link: https://twitter.com/FocusSeries @FocusSeries

    Organiser: Hanson Wade

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