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Designation: Chief Business Officer (CBO) and Board Member

Company: CILcare Inc

Wahid Awad is the Chief Business Officer (CBO) and board member at CILcare. Dr. Awad has more than 15 years of international expertise in life sciences in both industry and academia, varying from R&D and teaching to business development, management, and leadership. Wahid leads CILcare’s global business operations, develops and implements business strategies that enhance CILcare’s position as a unique, world-leading, one-stop-shop partner for external innovations in the field of hearing disorders. At CILcare, he has built strategic partnerships and alliances that helped in CILcare’s continued global growth.

Company:CILcare Inc

CILcare Inc. is the world-leading services company for drug development in hearing and otic disorders. CILcare has developed unique know-how to assess the safety and the efficacy of drug candidates and medical devices in drug-induced hearing loss, noise-induced hearing loss, age related hearing loss, salicylate-induced tinnitus, noise-induced tinnitus and otitis.

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