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I directed the Gastroenterology Research Unit, a third level referral center in the department of Pediatrics of the University of Florence (Meyer hospital) from 1965 to 2000. In Tuscany I first diagnosed celiac disease by the Watson capsule. I worked at the Cornell University for a joined research with the University of Florence on energy expenditure in children. A long term strategy was designed with Giuliano Parrini, prof. of Physics (Firenze, It), Andrea Giommi, prof. of Statistics (Firenze, It), and Cutberto Garza, Boston College, Rector. Three students came from Amsterdam Medical Center to learn “Initial Hunger (IH)”. The Unit published 150 scientific articles, more than 50 in international Press.

Main achievements: Hunger can be taught; and an Initial Hunger Meal Pattern can be constructed (IHMP = Three IH arousals per day). IHMP decreases energy intake, mean preprandial BG, body weight, insulin resistance and fecal energy loss. The sequence of 21 preprandial BG measurements in a week (Mean BG) is stable and comparable through months in the single individual and stratified in population

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