Faubel-Booklet Labels with temperature indicators from ELPRO identify and monitor pharmaceutical products

Packaging & Labelling

Pharmaceutical products without proper labelling impact patient safety, and the lack of temperature monitoring during storage and transportimpacts the efficiency of those products.

To mitigate those two major risks, it is necessary to apply labels directly to the product and document transport and storage conditions during the entire supply chain. To solve those two important challenges Faubel and ELPRO are offering a new joint solution: theFaubel-Compact® Label for multi-language product labelling with an integrated state-of-the-art LIBERO ITS (indicator tab start) temperature indicatorfrom ELPRO.

Unmatched Quality Assurance
With a robust battery life of fouryears, LIBERO ITS enablesseamless, end-to-end temperature monitoring on box or kit level. According to Martin Peter, head of strategy and marketing at ELPRO, the new indicators are key. "LIBERO ITS offers end-to-end safety for a drug supply chain with growing complexities including several transport legs, storage situations and many involved parties."

The temperature indicator is applied directly to the Faubel-Compact® Label and stays on the product from filling to the patient. LIBERO ITS monitors temperature deviations and constantly manages the remaining stability budget. The status can be viewed at any time by simply pressing a button. In addition, all available statistics can be downloaded and documented to a smartphone app. A cloud database allows central and secure archiving of the data.

Compared to traditional data loggers, LIBERO ITS is much thinner and smaller at 3 x 30 x 30 mm. It can be easily integrated into a Faubel-Compact® Label. Therefore, the booklet label including the temperature indicator can be applied in one simple action during the filling, packaging and labelling process: a two-in-one solution saving time and gaining efficiency. This solution can be adapted to various containers. For example, as a wrap-around solution for syringes or as a flag-label for vials.

"Our Faubel-Compact® Label combined with the temperature indicator LIBERO ITS is the ideal solution for pharmaceutical products and fits very well with our portfolio of smart labels." says Frank Jäger, Managing Director at Faubel.

Founded in 1986, ELPRO is a Swiss-based, global manufacturer of innovative environmental monitoring solutions for the pharmaceutical, life science, biotech and health care industries.  As the knowledge and innovation leader in the industry, ELPRO offers state-of-the-art data loggers, SaaS software platforms including data analytics, and a team of GxP experts to support the system integration into your business processes. ELPRO’s LIBERO PDF Loggers measure temperatures from -200 °C..+200 °C. They do not require any hardware or software to install or validate; simplifying end-to-end cold chain data handling. ELPRO is consistently dedicated to quality, which resonates throughout all facets of our operations – technology, service and customer support. ELPRO is ISO 9001 certified, operates ISO 17025 accredited laboratories according to SCS/NIST, and complies with the GAMP5 guidelines, therefore supporting customers to fully comply with GxP guidelines. ELPRO's sales and technical support offices are located in Switzerland, US, Canada, UK, Germany, the Nordics, Benelux, and Singapore.
Faubel Pharma Services:
The Faubel Group is a global provider of functional labels with various locations in Europe, the USA and Asia. Its Faubel Pharma Services business unit has positioned itself as a proven supplier to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Faubel Pharma Services stands out through customized products, inter-dependent processes, effective structures and transparent communication. Benchmarking solutions are achieved on state-of-the-art equipment according to the quality standards we live by. This includes the production of multilingual labels that are suitable for global distribution, applicable to existing packaging lines without wrinkles, and user friendly.

Requirements such as serialization, tamper evidence and authentication can be met in all labels. Holistic concepts for labels featuring RFID and e-paper technology have widened the company's portfolio and offer solutions for digitization.

In 2017 the group generated 32 million euro worth of sales, 60% of which were exports.

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