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Industry Trends: Vigilance is Critical for Future Success

Industry Trends: Vigilance is Critical for Future Success

Historically, companies not keeping abreast of marketing trends have not fared well. Consider the demise of the once highly successful computer company Wang Laboratories.


Data Collection in Phase II-III Clinical Research – It is Ripe for Disruption?

Current data collection practices in clinical research are facing many challenges. There is a broad recognition that issues prevail with the current clinical research data collection processes and systems.


The Essential Role of Interactive Response Technology (IRT) in Clinical Trial Supply

Increasingly elaborate international clinical trials are demanding a smarter, streamlined approach from supply partners and better collaboration with sponsors.


Elsevier Drug Discovery

Why AI in Drug Discovery has Yet to Live Up to its Promise!

Being a life sciences researcher today involves being inundated with data from every direction. Every day, new studies are published, conferences held, and experiments conducted. Despite rumours the age of the ‘blockbuster’ drug might be over, we’re currently...


IoT Is the Key to Supply Chain Continuity, Visibility, and Productivity

As the global logistics and supply chain industry continues to grow it is expected to reach $15.5 trillion by 2023 pharmaceutical companies are facing more hurdles than ever to monitor their cargo...


New Independent Study proves Coated Lidding Significantly reduces Packaging-related Particulate in Drug Delivery Systems*

Coating technologies reduce particulate generation by up to 96% in pharmaceutical manufacturing.


The Highest Safety for Highly Potent Pharmaceuticals

The Highest Safety for Highly Potent Pharmaceuticals

Biotechnologically manufactured drugs are one of the most important pharmaceutical trends of the past years. Especially in cancer therapy, the advent of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) has opened the door for new, extremely promising treatment options.


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