Zenith Technologies Launches Virtual Manufacturing System Training Service

Zenith Technologies, a world leader in delivering GMP manufacturing software solutions to the life sciences industry, has launched a new virtual customised training service to tackle critical gaps in industry manufacturing software and process training.

The service creates and delivers bespoke, role-based training through state-of-the-art software.

The software replicates each customer’s unique manufacturing environment and provides trainees with real-world examples of process workflows.

David Staunton, director global services at Zenith Technologies, states: “Training services are central to our service offering and help our customers to build capability by addressing skill gaps.”

“A large proportion of current training practises are based on generic content that offers little or no site detail or customisation and this can lead to gaps in knowledge that makes the training a lot less effective.”

After a consultation with the customer to agree the content of the training, Zenith Technologies produces a bespoke training manual and a virtual training environment designed to meet their exact requirements.

Trainees simply download the designed course and run it within a web browser after paying a one-off fee.  No expensive license or complicated installation is required. The course manual is theirs to keep as a continuous supporting document after the initial training session has taken place.

Staunton added: “We have listened to our clients training frustrations and created a solution which provides customised training courses individual to each customers systems and requirements.

“We see this new Customised Training Solution as the beginning of a new era in industry training and hope to incorporate mixed and augmented reality in the future to build capability even faster.”

About Zenith
Founded in 1998, Zenith has 16 offices worldwide with over 800 skilled employees delivering manufacturing software to the life sciences industry in areas such as automation, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and digital and data analysis. Zenith is a world leader in delivering GMP manufacturing software systems that secure the supply of vital medicines to patients worldwide.