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Top Latest Press Releases
SOTIO Completes Enrolment of Phase III

SOTIO Completes Enrolment of Phase III VIABLE Study in Late Stage Prostate Cancer

SOTIO, a biotechnology company owned by the PPF Group, today announced the enrolment of the last patient into the VIABLE study, a global Phase III clinical trial evaluating DCVAC/PCa in combination...


Lonza announces new offering of silensomes HLM for Drug metabolism studies

Lonza Walkersville announced its new offering of Silensomes Human Liver Microsomes (HLM) products pooled human liver microsomes for in vitro cytochrome P450 (CYP) phenotyping.


CluePoints Builds on Late Phase work in Japan and Launches Risk-Based Monitoring Roadshow in Tokyo

CluePoints, a leading provider of RBM and Data Quality Oversight solutions for clinical trials, has further expanded its Late Phase work in Japan by entering into two new partnerships with global top 20 pharma...

Time for a Different Approach to Quality Systems in Biopharmaceutical

Time for a Different Approach to Quality Systems in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Despite the wide array of information systems available for biopharmaceutical manufacturing, we need to adopt a follow-the-workflow approach to overcome the process inefficiencies generated by quality and production silos.


Direct-to-Patient Solutions Assuring Patient Participation and Retention in Clinical Trials

The average cost of bringing a new drug to market is 2.6 billion dollars , according to a 2014 report published by Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development. This is a rise of 145 percent, adjusted for inflation...


Asia increasing levels of clinical trial industry competition are to your benefit

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies within the United States and Europe face an increasing number of hurdles when undertaking clinical trials within their own country or region problems such as over saturated patient pools, difficulties meeting and maintaining...


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