DIA EuroMeeting 2017

The DIA EuroMeeting goal is to bring together key healthcare stakeholder groups, such as industry, regulators, pharmacovigilance, and patient advocates to discuss and share insights. Collaborative sessions and debates focus on practical solutions, as well as, longer term impacts of issues affecting drug development throughout Europe.

EuroMeeting 2017 will host more than 2,000 global health care professionals in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device communities. In its 29th year, EuroMeeting 2017 will hold more than 50 sessions across 10 themes and bring in more than 90 exhibiting companies.

The annual programme constantly evolves to address the most pressing issues of today and looking into the future. This year’s theme “Translational Health Care: From Bench to Bedside and Back” specifically highlights the critical role patient input plays throughout the life cycle of drug development. Additionally, the clinical content and “HTA, Value & Access” theme are more robust this year in recoginising the growing importance in the market. This year brings more cross-faculty debates and more roundtable discussions.